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 In 2020, within the framework of Qwerty Networks solutions, a proposal appeared to create powerful multi-functional marketplaces! 

Marketplace is such a successful and large-scale format of online trading that one can only wonder why the niche is still relatively free?

Experts and bloggers are racking their brains as Wildberries made its owner one of the richest women in Russia in a couple of years, and Jack Ma, who was once not hired by KFC, entered the Forbes list.

The answer is simple - digital reality is already with us. We cannot accept and realize it yet, but the facts speak for themselves. Marketplaces literally united the world: some are cities and others are countries.

There is a huge gap between the online store and the marketplace. The online store limits you to physical parameters: you need to buy goods, store them somewhere, get rid of residues, pay employees, and at the same time have a very average income level with serious energy costs.

Marketplace aggregates hundreds and thousands of such stores or individual sellers, and also allows you to compare prices, make choices and purchase the right product, leaving an objective review and becoming part of the statistics.

Plus, you can add as many ways of additional monetization to the commission for transactions and price increases as you have enough imagination: advertising, paid content, custom reviews and unpacking, blogs, etc.

If you have your own goods, warehouses and the ability to optimize certain processes with the help of your own logistics service - all the better! That is exactly what Ozone does, for example.

One question remains - how to implement such a giant technically?

Of course, the marketplace should work on a powerful platform. That is why every owner of a large online market began with the formation of an IT department, which for years created and improved a unique solution.

Website engines and webmasters are not an option. They are not large enough, they do not allow you to realize even the minimum of necessary options, they are famous for informational “leaks”.

The only relevant solution for creating a marketplace in Russia today is the Qwerty Social Network Engine software and hardware complex, which was developed specifically for large international projects: web portals and social networks.

Based on QSNE, you can develop an analogue of Yandex.Market with the ability to blog and communicate in 40 languages of the world, embed a full-fledged social network in the marketplace, conduct multicurrency payment transactions, keep funds on balance, use the secure transaction system.

The platform is equipped with artificial intelligence and an internal payment system, integrated with courier and logistics services, and allows you to create convenient category catalogs.

Your users can form groups and discussion platforms, subscribe to interesting people / shops, and flexibly adjust the confidentiality of accounts.

All content is automatically translated, undergoes pre-moderation and anti-virus scanning.

You can not only aggregate stores on the basis of one platform, but also create a database of media content: reviews, blogs, articles, news, background information, etc.

The security of the data and financial transactions of your users is a guarantee of Qwerty Networks. This is the main direction of our activity since 2001.

All the features of the Qwerty Social Network Engine platform within the framework of one article cannot be listed. Just come to us with an idea, and we will make it a real product for a full-fledged online business. If you have a project, but don’t have enough funds to develop and launch, we are ready to help you as partners and co-investors.

See you at Qwerty Networks!

Esta es una traducción automática.
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