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Internet portals are powerful communication nodes for millions of users from around the world. These large-scale projects have a wide range of goals and directions: they are used by large companies, state institutions, private entrepreneurs in order to maintain the brand's reputation, provide their audience with a platform for business and personal contacts, receive and provide services, generate and search for valuable special content.

As a rule, an Internet portal is a resource with an extremely high load, constantly growing traffic and a steadily expanding content base.

At some point, the resource begins to develop independently: its popularity is provided by a loyal audience, and it actively generates information content.

A web portal can be a source of both direct and indirect income: closed projects like online schools provide customers with paid content and services, while open ones (for example, information portals) earn on advertising, services, applications, etc.

As an owner, you can use various types of monetization and develop your own: your portal can be a marketplace, media, recruitment agency, a platform for direct and native advertising. There are countless options - you just need to see them.

The main nuances of creating a portal.

When creating a web project with a high load, you need to pay special attention to the following points:
1. Subject and target audience.
2. Protection of user data and intellectual property.
3. The ability of the platform to scale.
4. Lack of language barrier and other geographical restrictions.
5. Functionality: convenient navigation, a large number of services and applications.

For this reason, you should not go to the ordinary webmaster for the development of the portal: this is a loss of time and money. A powerful technical solution is needed here, focused specifically on large-scale international projects.

Large portals have their own history of development from idea to promotion, at each stage there is a huge amount of hidden nuances that can "drown" your brainchild, therefore it is more reliable to order a "turnkey" portal.

Qwerty Networks has been developing and promoting large social networks and web portals since 2014.

Especially for this purpose, the Qwerty Social Networks Engine software and hardware complex was created, which is the only technical base for industrial commercial online projects today.
During the development, we took into account all the features and pitfalls, and today QSNE successfully solves all issues related to the software of online platforms for business.

Advantages of the QSNE platform:

  • Unlimited horizontal scaling capabilities (in accordance with the rate of increase in the number of users and content generation).
    An internal payment system that provides customers with the ability to store funds on the balance sheet, conduct transactions taking into account the rates of world central banks. National and virtual currency for settlements. Smart contracts and arbitrage transactions.
  • 40+ languages of the world and automatic intelligent translation of all types of content into the user's language.
  • File cloud, attachment of documents to publications and convenient exchange of media content (similar to Google Drive).
  • Mail server, search engine, messenger with integrated artificial intelligence.
  • Integration with SMS gates and other external systems. Ability to make calls.
  • Artificial intelligence as a personal assistant, support service operator, interlocutor, moderator, translator and content aggregator.
  • Protection against DDOS, password guessing, hacking, automatic notification of providers in case of cyber attacks.
  • Creation of interest groups, blogging, discussion platforms, subscriptions, adding as friends.
  • Aggregator of news and content from reputable sources.
  • Antivirus content check.
  • Aggressive data caching (according to the principle used on Facebook).
  • Convenient SMM tools.

The platform is equipped with thousands of options, for most of which artificial intelligence is responsible. It is easily customizable for the tasks of a particular project. Thanks to the Qwerty Network Social Engine, you will gain the trust of a vast audience from around the world, who will receive the maximum necessary options and bonuses within your resource.

It's time to evaluate the real business opportunities online!

Contact Qwerty Networks to implement a large-scale turnkey web portal: from an idea to a finished work product. If you have an interesting project, but not enough funds for its implementation, we will analyze it and, with a high degree of probability, will take part as partners and co-investors.

We know that the digital future has already become the present, and we have everything to make you a leader in this field.

See you at Qwerty Networks!

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